Google Doodle Celebrates Elena Cornaro Piscopia; First Woman Ever To Earn Ph.D

You must have seen the Google doodle today and wondering why is there a woman with a book rather than Eid or something related to environment. Well, Google is celebrating the 373rd birth anniversary of Elena Cornaro Piscopia- the first woman to receive a doctorate.

Born in 17th century Venice, Piscopia was a prodigy. She was a polyglot, being fluent in Latin, Greek, French and Spanish by the age of seven. She also mastered Hebrew and Arabic later and could skillfully play the harp and the violin. As she grew older, her interests expanded to physics and astronomy.

But the bishop of Padua, upon learning that Piscopia was pursuing a degree in theology, refused to give her a Ph.D on the grounds that she was a woman. She did, however get her much deserving degree in philosophy and paved way for women in academia. Hence Google is celebrating this iconic woman today!


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