Greta Thunberg Launches Funding Campaign, Donates USD 100,000 To UNICEF

Environmental Activist Greta Thunberg took to her Twitter handle to announce that she is donating USD 100,000, that she received as prize money of Human Act Award for ‘global activism’, to United Nation’s Children’s Fund. 

Greta added that ‘Human Act will match this donation with an additional USD 100,000’, and that they’re launching a ‘funding campaign to support UNICEF in the corona crisis.

“Like the climate crisis, the coronavirus pandemic is a child rights crisis,” 17-year-old Greta Thunberg, was quoted as saying in a UNICEF statement.

It will affect all children, now and in the long term, but vulnerable groups will be impacted the most. I’m asking everyone to step up and join me in support of UNICEF’s vital work to save children’s lives, to protect health and continue education.

UNICEF says, ‘Proceeds from the campaign will go directly towards UNICEF’s emergency programmes to fight COVID-19, including through the provision of soap, masks, gloves, hygiene kits, protective equipment, life-saving information and other support to healthcare systems.’

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