After Bhuj Strip-Check, Women Trainee of Surat Municipal Corporations Forced To Stand Naked

Gujarat has been in the limelight for the reprehensible happenings in the state. Days after Bhuj college forced students to allegedly strip and prove that they are not menstruating, now women trainee clerks of Surat Municipal Corporations were made to stand naked in a state-run hospital while lady doctors asked personal questions and subjected them to a gynecological finger test.

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The SMC Employees Union has further alleged that even unmarried women were checked for pregnancy by female doctors. The incident took place at the Surat Municipal Institute of Medical Education and Research (SMIMER) where at least 10 women were going through their medical tests. They said that they were not against the mandatory test but the method adopted by the staff members was improper.

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According to the sources, a member of the SMC Employees Union wrote, “Instead of calling the women one after another in the room for the test, lady doctors made them stand naked in a group of 10. This act of compelling them to stand naked with others is highly deplorable. This method is illegal and against humanity. It is necessary that each woman is checked separately.”


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