India Recorded 10 Out Of The 15 Hottest Cities In The World In The Past 24 Hours

May and June for North India are insidious. The heat is unbearable, the sun striking ever so intensely, and top it all of that with the inkling of impending thunderstorms and rain, there is humidity as well. So your forehead sweats, your upper lip sweats, every time you switch off the fan, it is as though you are sitting in a volcano. That is if you are lucky to own a fan. The heatwave striking in the middle of the unprecedented migrant crisis India is seeing has somewhat become an even more difficult thing to swallow than the coronavirus pandemic.

Apparently, the heat is so potent, 15 hottest cities in the world in the past 24 hours had 10 Indian cities. Churu, in Rajasthan, recorded a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. Pakistan’s Jacobabad joined Churu as the hottest place on Earth on Tuesday.

The others in the list of hottest cities were New Delhi at 47.6 degrees Celsius, Bikaner at 47.4 degrees Celsius, Ganganagar at 47 degrees Celsius, Jhansi at 47 degrees Celsius, Pilani at 46.9 degrees Celsius, Nagpur Sonegaon at 46.8 degrees Celsius and Akola 46.5 degrees Celsius.

So, up your water intake Indians, don’t be dehydrated should you invite more vulnerability health wise. If you see someone struggling to keep okay during this time, give them a helping hand. Don’t waste water though, gain some perspective, there are thousands on the road with minimal necessities.

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