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How Mickey Mouse And Friends Were Just Like All Of Us!

The biggest stars of Walt Disney Productions are undoubtedly Mickey and his friends a.k.a the Sensational Six.  And all six are animals –two mice, two are ducks and two are dogs. All, but one, speak and dress like humans and another is his pet. Again, two are the significant others of two others. And one among them is anthropomorphic, having human traits.

Confusing much? Let us put them in order for you and you’ll find your friend circle in the Sensational Six! The stars in order of first appearance are Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck.

Let’s go down the memory lane and relive our Disney moments.

The official mascot of The Walt Disney Company, Mickey Mouse came to life in 1928. Boy! The way Mickey moved his hips and whistled a tune; this pilot mouse would have made Mark Twain proud. Doesn’t he remind you of the kind and resourceful friend? But don’t forget it is at the same time that very friend of yours who has the highest tendency to get into mischief!

Appearing with Mickey for the very first time in 1928 was a pretty little mouse with a bow in her hair. Yes! The cutie Minerva Mouse is your friend Mickey’s true love who he nervously calls Minnie. The adventure hero finally met the mouse of his dreams. Did the Mickey from your gang meet the sweet, caring and lovely lady of his life?

Now every hero needs a pet. Thus comes in Pluto, the bloodhound. Pluto is a true dog – does not speak or wear clothes and he loves bones. But from your gang, the one who speaks Pluto is that loyal and helpful friend who is ever ready to please his friends with his/her playful and persistent personality. We all love to have a Pluto around.

We all need to laugh, and Goofy is just the ticket. Here comes in your lovable, dimwitted and clumsy goof friend who is popular for his friendly, yet extremely naïve nature. Aren’t you just thinking how much your friend loves a good guffaw of a belly laugh? But do not be fooled – he/she may be a bit eccentric but it is his/her clever mind and intuitive hillbilly observations that’ll save your day.

A true friend is hard to find but worth the wait! And most ducks don’t put on a sailor suit with a cap and bow tie and speak an almost incomprehensible form of gargle-ese, but Donald Duck does and he does it really well. Bad-tempered and unlucky, he is the ever stubborn and ambitious go-getter of the gang who has proven himself on every occasion to be a trusted companion. Mickey found his true friend in Donald Duck. Have you found yours?

Remember Huey, Dewey and Louie? Yes! The nephews who arranged Donald Duck a blind date. And we all saw how shy the over ambitious Donald Duck was when he introduced himself to Daisy Duck. Fabulous and effervescent, Daisy Duck’s ambition matched every bit with beau Donald’s. The ditzy diva of the gang becomes Minnie’s best friend and Mickey of course found company for a double date. Who is the Daisy of your gang?

Amidst today’s tension, it’s a happy joy to remember Disney’s Sensational Six. Bring the smiles and laughs; like Grandpa Jim says, “A laugh is only a smile away”.



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