This Brit Company Is Giving Out Free Tickets And Accommodation For The World Cup

It’s IPL now, and then it’s World Cup! Ah, is there a better time for us Indians? We mean the magnitude of our love for cricket is as incomprehensible as its feverish intensity. From lanes and streets to schools and offices, cricket is everywhere in our country.

And it seems the Englishmen have finally understood our true love for cricket. After all, they introduced us to it. In an effort to make us Indians feel the very essence of the sport in its true sense, British company BigWicketCo. came up with something that touched the hearts of all desis. Any idea what they’re up to?

Well, the British venture has promised free tickets to any 5 matches of ICC World Cup in London to 20 Indians. Hold your excitement because it’s not just that! They are also giving out free air tickets to the English capital and free accommodation to all 20 lucky Indians. All you have to do is show how passionate you’re about the game. Now is that even a task for us?

However, only the ones participating are eligible for the reward and all participants are required to hold a valid passport. Further BigWicketCo. will take care of all your visa requirements and travel needs but will not bear expenses of any other fellow person travelling with you. But whatever it may, this is by far the biggest opportunity for any cricket fan to witness their idols in one of the world’s best stadiums.

So without any further delay, register your name and show your ultimate passion for cricket with these 10 questions. Click here!


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