Everyone’s Favourite Politician Jacinda Ardern Doesn’t Let Even An Earthquake Disturb Her Calmness

Whether it is showing solidarity with victims of a hate-crime, or it is steering back her country with minimal loss after a global pandemic, the Prime Minister of New Zealand is one of the most popular leaders of our times. Calm, composed, empathetic, and sensitive – Jacinda Ardern is quite chill even in the event of an earthquake, and we have proof!

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck about 90km north of the capital, Wellington, at 08:00 local time. There were no casualties, injuries, or damage, however it was felt with great intensity. PM Ardern felt it on-air while giving an interview. She calmly told the interviewer Ryan Bridge that they are “just having a bit of an earthquake here”.

Twitter soon began gleaming with wonder about her calmness, and happiness about her still going about her interview! Of course, everyone also compared this reaction to a certain other world leader – cough POTUS cough – and had a field day!


We love when world leaders, and people with power act in a way that is effortless, so as to make sure that they aren’t any different that common people!

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