Remembering Jiggs Kalra: The Father Of Gourmet Indian Cuisine

Every facet of our lifestyle has that one cornerstone of inspiration that delivers our sense of what is good in the world. The food world had Jiggs Kalra as that. Kalra was the first man in food for so many ways. His passion towards the cuisine, interest in developing a more exclusive palate for those of us who were wrapped in traditional normalcy. 

Kalra, often named as Czar of Indian Cuisine, gave birth to an entire cohort of restaurants in and around India that became synonymous to nothing short of elite and gourmet, but also keeping true to foundation basis of what Indian food stood for. The texture, the taste was consistently familiar but the ingenuity in the food’s culmination was absolutely groundbreaking. Kalra and son, Zoravar have brought culinary experiments to India without compromising on what is truly intrinsic to our cuisine.

It is truly a sad day as we bid goodbye to the man who tantalised our taste buds with the authenticity of Punjab Grill, the creativity of Farzi Cafe, the gastronomy of Masala Library; but all of this was served to us with a side of Jiggs Kalra’s infectious warmth.

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