After Jupiter The Moon Will Now Meet Saturn & This Is How You Can See That

The things in the world, that are happening right now are all sort of ironic and iconic. Most, however are manmade “say whaaas”, so when something happens on a cosmic level we should all appreciate that some things are still truly out of the menacing hands of the human!

Such a thing is apparently happening in the month of May, if you had noticed something truly short of wonderful on the 20th of this month, a similar occurrence awaits you on the 23rd as well! After sharing the sky-space (it is like landscape but way cooler) with Jupiter on the former date, the moon is now inching towards sharing one with Saturn on the latter date. These sharings are components to the bigger event that is “The Large Conjunction” that bestows us with it’s presence every two decades or so. NBD. The last time it happened was 2000! You are truly old if you remember both.

So how can you see this? Well, it will appear around 11 PM this Thursday (after the Lok Sabha elections result are announced, so, two important things on this day). We can all see, through our naked eyes and through binoculars, this event when the moon and Saturn will share their ascension at the same time! We suggest you clear out your date book for this and observe what is truly rare!

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