Toilets Just Became More Accessible In Kerala, This Is Why

Searching for a toilet while on a tour was never this easy before! But now Kerala Tourism department has made it easy as all that needs to be done is to search it online on the website of Kerala Tourism or just download a mobile application (app). It will show you the nearest available toilets to your location.

As many as 750 toilets out of 1000 are registered under this facility on the basis of field surveys and visits. The search details will include the picture of commode, whether Indian or western, photograph of the institution, working hours and holidays, access to the public if it is attached to some hotel or restaurant, whether women friendly or not along with the location. Like any other app, the user can rate the facilities here too. These toilets have been grouped into hotel, home stay, restaurant, petrol pump, public toilets, wayside, amenities, shopping malls, museum or gallery, railway stations and restaurants.

The link for this amazing facility will be incorporated to the official website of Kerala Tourism and the mobile app for the same will be launched in the month of July itself. The intention behind this facility is to provide the tourists with precise information, especially women about these and the timings to make the travel hassle-free. ‘Toilet finder’, ‘Where to pee’ and ‘Sit or Squat’ are some of the similar mobile apps used widely in the U.S., U.K. and Australia.


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