‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Is Confirmed, However It’s Also The Last

Every story about the devil ain’t always bad; there are shows that feature the devil and are also about love, acceptance and second chances. And Lucifer justifies it like no other! If you’re a fan of this urban fantasy, we have some news for you; both good and bad.

The good news is after Fox dropped the show post three seasons and Netflix picked it up, Lucifer has recently been renewed for a fifth season. None can keep a fallen angel down for long! The sad part, however, is the fifth season will also be the show’s final season. To your delight, Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer will, of course, be returning. Further, cast regulars Kevin Alejandro, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Scarlett Estevez and Lesley-Ann Brandt are all also coming back. In fact, even the casts found out just hours before we did about season five being the last we see of the devilish crime drama.

The previous season ended with Lucifer, a changed man now, finally returning to the underworld and picking up his old mantle of King of Hell. While no specific story details have been given out about Season 5, it promises to be wild. No release dates have been confirmed for the last season yet, although a 2020 release is expected, with all the episodes dropping simultaneously on Netflix.

1 thought on “‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Is Confirmed, However It’s Also The Last”

  1. tiggerific

    Yay! Season 5 will happen! Boo, last season. Hopefully Netflix will order more than 10 episodes this time?

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