Man Applies For Sick Leave After Getting A Shock From Maharashtra’s Political Twists

If you are following Maharashtra’s political happenings over the weekend, it’s needless to say the pretty tumultuous turn of events left everyone perplexed. People are still trying to wrap their heads around the Indian serial-like drama marred by betrayal, confusion and absolute chaos.

And while all the confusion and chaos unraveled, an English college professor in Maharashtra went into a “shock” and had to apply for leaves as he “fell sick” watching all the drama unfold. Zaheer Syed, who teaches English at a college in Gadchandur, 43 kms away from Chandrapur city, said, “I fell sick and went into shock in the morning after watching the news about unfolding political drama in the state”. The professor applied for his leave in an application written in Marathi that has now gone viral on social media. In the letter, he stated, “I have been completely shaken by the political earthquake in Maharashtra today”. He, however, was denied the leave by the college principal.

Well, seeing the turn of events, it comes as no surprise that Professor Zaheer Syed is going through a roller coaster ride of face palm-worthy emotions.

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