Tamil Nadu Man Desperate For Alcohol Amidst Lockdown Drinks Sanitiser, Dies

A strict curfew has been imposed on people’s movement in several states and union territories. And amidst this coronavirus lockdown, only shops selling essential commodities like groceries, milk and medicines remain open. In the aftermath of which, a 35-year-old man, who was desperate to consume alcohol, has died after drinking sanitiser.

The deceased has been identified as Bernard from Coimbatore. He worked as a gas cylinder delivery man in Coimbatore.

The hand sanitiser he consumed as an alternative for liquor was provided to him by the agency he worked with. As the TASMAC liquor shops have been closed, Bernard had been desperate for alcohol.

According to reports, Bernard was an alcoholic and had been suffering from withdrawal symptoms for the last one week due to the nationwide lockdown.

Priya, wife of Bernard, said she was at home at the time of the incident and took Bernard to the hospital, where he was declared dead.


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