Man’s Laptop Screen Destroyed After Co-Passenger Reclines Seat

Patrick Cassidy, a Delta Airlines passenger, who was flying from Austin to Los Angeles, was infuriated when his laptop got crushed after the person sitting in front of him reclined his seat.The pictures of the destroyed laptop went viral on twitter and triggered debate among the netizens.

Patrick Cassidy took to Twitter and wrote, “@Delta small note for the suggestion box, maybe have a little warning sign or someway to prevent my laptop from being destroyed when the person in front of me reclines their seat.”

The airlines then responded to Patrick Cassidy’s complaint offering him 7,500 bonus miles to which he tweeted, “Update: @Delta is giving me the equivalent of a $75 gift card and an explanation that you would give a six-year-old.”

The viral post got mixed reactions from people with many debating whether Patrick Cassidy was right or wrong. Where a user wrote, “Nobody should be allowed to recline on an aeroplane. It only causes issues,” there were many who opposed Cassidy.

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