6 Times Prime Minister Narendra Modi Proved That He’s Just Another ‘Aam Aadmi’

Narendra Modi might be the Prime Minister of the largest democracy of the world, but that has never, for once, stopped the enthusiastic and energetic man from being an ‘aam aadmi’. Here are all the times when NaMo broke every line defining class and status.

1. Narendra Modi has always been an ardent lover of selfies. From clicking selfies with world leaders to Bollywood stars, he has never missed a chance to capture a moment, just like all of us.

2. Remember the time when NaMo spent the day walking through the wild with Bear Grylls? He was just another tourist like all of who was exploring the wilderness and drowning in the love for nature. You cannot deny we all saw ourselves with our friends walking down the trails of Jim Corbett in that episode.

3. When NaMo meets his mother, it’s no Prime Minister meeting Heeraben Modi but rather a son spending quality time with his mother. Be it seeking blessings before a big day or simply celebrating his birthday with his mother, Narendra Modi has shown and reminded us every now and then the warm and pure bond we all share with our mothers. No matter where we go or what we become, our moms will also be the boss lady of our lives.

4. Ah fitness! Isn’t Narendra Modi a fitness freak just like us (most of us)? The man doesn’t mind to leave his ‘Prime Minister’ comforts and join the citizens of the country to perform yoga and if this doesn’t make Modi an aam aadmi, we don’t know what will.

5. Chai pe charcha! We love these little times with friends and catching up on everything that’s going on. Even Narendra Modi does! Like all of us, he likes to leave behind his work for a while and just indulge in some leisurely talks with his friends. Yes, we are talking about the time when he was seen bonding over tea with Akshay Kumar.

6. Lastly, wasn’t Narendra Modi just like any other student before the declaration of an exam result when he meditated for 15 hours at Kedarnath before the Lok Sabha Election results? While our nerve controlling strategies may vary, none of us can deny believing in at least one.

As Narendra Modi turns 69 years old today, we thank him for his humble yet energetic spirit and wish him a very happy birthday filled with joy and Good Times.

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