Nirbhaya’s Rapists To Be Hanged On January 22

A case that upended the entire discourse around women safety in India, the Nirbhaya rape case that took place in December 2012, has finally reached its culmination. The court has issued death warrants for the accused, giving respite to an entire section of people who advocated death penalty as the only imaginable punishment for a crime as heinous as this.

The death warrant suggests that the perpetrators will be hung on 22nd January, 2020 – 7 A.M.

Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi has said that this will be a “big day for them”. While the matter of death penalty is a controversial globally, a lot of people would be feeling respite as many believed that a case as rare as this requires only capital punishment.

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  1. Anonymous

    Justice at last really its a bigg day for Indians.

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