North Korea’s First Patient Shot Dead After Being Suspected With Coronavirus

North Korea in its dictatorial regime never fails to totally amaze the world with this arbitrary, and dumbfounding policies.

Now, adding to its list of stricter rules, a report read that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has allegedly sanctioned for the execution of the first North Korean patient who is tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus.

According to an anonymous social media commentator, Secret Beijing, who terms themselves as an analyst on China affairs commented on Twitter that the patient was shot dead. However, the story is still in its developing phases and there is still no clarity on the details of the patient executed by North Korea.

49 thoughts on “North Korea’s First Patient Shot Dead After Being Suspected With Coronavirus”

  1. Shankar

    Total chuitiyagiri

  2. Anonymous

    But if in a family there are 2 vegetarians & 2 non vegetarian what will happen then??

    • Starbucks

      Congratulations for coronavirus attack

  3. Anonymous


  4. Anonymous


  5. AllahHimself

    north korea need islam now

  6. Tysira

    Kinda shame …. And it also freaks out at the same time….

  7. Anonymous

    Harami sala

  8. Suman gautam

    Inhuman person.who appoint him leader? He dont deserve

  9. Anonymous

    Non vegetarian ones eat the vegetarian members

  10. Anonymous

    Childish thought

  11. Sundar

    The US must put an end to this wicked and evil beast call Kim Jong. Finish this evil fellow and save the world.

  12. mir muzzammil


  13. Anonymous

    hahahahahahha and kill all the world with terrorism

  14. Anonymous

    this is inhuman

  15. Be just

    this is inhuman

  16. GK

    1st attack on Corono.

  17. Hanz bomai

    It’s not good to spread the diesease and die…

  18. Djokovic Lyne

    On some stages,that was a great idea to prevent spread of the virus. This is because there is no cure yet.

  19. Anonymous

    Lives of the million population is worth more than a single life.
    Way to go. Keep out of Corona.

  20. Anonymous


  21. Anonymous


  22. Mr Malawi

    And he is the Corona virus itself. Just like the interm president of Malawi

  23. Anonymous

    They don’t BELIEVE IN our GOD IN HEAVEN DO THEY?? Our GOD doesn’t like PRIDE…when there’s PRIDE there will be a great fall….

  24. Esther

    May he die the same death of shooting

  25. Levy kambangaji

    It is the only prevention that is workable

  26. Bina

    This isn’t the best alternative in solving this issue.

  27. Anonymous

    Practice this in The Pacifica

  28. Anonymous


  29. Nemick

    Its good remove one to save millions

  30. Anonymous

    Utter Bullshit .

  31. Bc

    They don’t deserve to get sick

  32. Anonymous

    Should’ve bombed China and not the innocent being.

  33. Benson Len

    Should’ve bombed China and not the innocent being.

  34. Anonymous

    Shu!Your thoughts..

  35. Anonymous

    Should shot them all

  36. Namibian

    if it him being found with coronavirus what will happen to him…..

  37. Anonymous

    I wish the Dictator, got Corona virus, to see the taste of his judgement. May the Lord touch and curse the Dictator.

  38. Anonymous

    Wat if he himself test positive???

  39. R. Y.

    Let me guess: Was deemed a disgrace to the DPRK for getting the Coronovirus. What a bunch or assholes life in North Korea!

  40. Anonymous

    Right move to save your yourself and your country 👍👀

  41. Anonymous

    hope he gets it so he can be shot too

  42. Anonymous


  43. henry..

    right way to do…

  44. Moses Mekeya

    Thats inhuman. Why killing Gods people?


    This is unacceptable! If this story is true ,this young man must be more evil than the devil himself! And late the disease affect more of his FAMILIES we see if he is gonna ordered them to be killed.

  46. Anonymous


  47. Anonymous


  48. rdx911

    i mean somebody has to dispose thee body eventually! there are high chances that the guy disposing or removing the body will catch it

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