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Inside Lifestyle Asia’s Big Launch In India

Burda Media India announced the launch of the Indian edition of Asia’s leading international luxury platform, , at Tote on the Turf, Mumbai on 7th December 2018. After Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, India is the fifth big market where they

Lifestyle Asia Redefines Luxury In India

Your one stop destination for all news and experiences in the premium and luxury lifestyle space is all set to be redefined! Burda Media India is prepping up to launch the Indian edition of Asia’s leading international luxury digital platform,

We Can’t Believe The Origination Of These Iconic Dishes

Every now and then we come across a food that is named after a particular place, often where they were first invented. On other times, we just presume the delicacy to belong to a particular place because of its popularity

How Mickey Mouse And Friends Were Just Like All Of Us!

The biggest stars of Walt Disney Productions are undoubtedly Mickey and his friends a.k.a the Sensational Six.  And all six are animals –two mice, two are ducks and two are dogs. All, but one, speak and dress like humans and