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A Love Letter To Rooh Afza

I have never been the person to wake up to the want or need of something warm to drink. Like tea or coffee, unless I have a headache or unless I need to kick-start the day- I have always yearned

Sabyasachi Mukherjee Gets A Top Honour By Business Of Fashion

Attention fashion lovers! India’s very own bridal dream-weaver Sabyasachi Mukherjee has found a coveted and unprecedented spot in the world of international design with a feature in the biggest fashion magazine – The Business of Fashion (BoF). Helmed by Imran Ahmed,

Indian Army Discovers Footprints Of A Yeti, & Say Whaaa

For centuries, mankind has been wondering about the Yeti. Similar to America’s Bigfoot, this mysterious bipedal creature is Asia’s Abominable Snowman who is believed to live in the snow-clad Himalayas. However, any claims of Yeti sightings had been debunked as

Spa: The Only Wellness Routine You Need To Indulge In!

If you thought a relaxing, rejuvenating, luxurious spa was only meant for people having the resources to pamper them, you need to read this! Spa, an exotic facility that only the ‘well off’ could afford in the past, has become a

Changi Airport Adds Another Jewel To It’s Growing Crown

The Changi Airport, Singapore, is the reigning airport on the list of the world’s best. However, it has outdone itself by constructing the Jewel, a ten-story multi-use complex. The most striking feature of this structure is the 130 feet tall

Indian Woman Top Cop All Set To Conquer The North Pole

Women all around us are shattering the glass ceiling like never before. A living example of the same is Indian top cop, Aparna Kumar. Nothing is stopping the wonder woman from chasing her dreams. It doesn’t matter if this involves