Professors Land In Trouble For Creating A ‘Breaking Bad’ Like Meth Lab

Two men, one even with the nickname Heisenberg, have been arrested and charged with making methamphetamine. Both are both associate professors of chemistry at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

The meth lab was discovered when a university science lab was closed on October 8 after an odor was reported.  An environmental services company was then called in to to ventilate the lab. The building was reopened on October 29.

However, lab tests to determine the cause of the odor found traces of Benzyl chloride, a chemical that can be used to synthesize methamphetamine, among its other uses. Bradley Allen Rowland, 40, and Terry Bateman, 45, were arrested.
Bradley Allen Rowland was once called “Henderson’s Heisenberg” by the college’s newspaper, a nod to Bryan Cranston’s character Walter White’s nickname on Breaking Bad. He once told the paper that he liked the TV show because it helped students become interested in chemistry.

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