Students Set Up Pune’s First Free And Open-To-All Library

For all book lovers, libraries are a place of comfort as they feed their endless curiosity shuffling through the pages of books. And now, a group of eight students have taken it upon themselves to treat all the avid book readers of Pune. The group has started a one of its kind initiative- the Open Library Movement, where a library with almost 200 books has been set up with free 24 hour access to all.

Abhishek Awchar, a member of the Open Library Movement was quoted saying, “We have introduced this concept of open library in Pune not only to instill the habit of reading amongst the residents but also to motivate them to share. Anyone can come and borrow books from the rack and return it when they are done. We have put up a number on the shelf where the reader can inform us about the books they are taking”.

The library follows the motto- ‘for the people, by the people and of the people’ and thus the onus of maintaining the place also lies on the residents. The bookshelves have a mix of religious books, Marathi and English novels, books for competitive exams and biographies. While this is the first shelf under the wings of ‘Open Library Movement’, the group aims to put up a whopping 100 open libraries by the end of the year 2020.


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