Rajma Chawal Declared National Dish Of India

Every time you get the flavourful aroma of Rajma Chawal, your table pulls you like a magnet. Every bite of it is like falling in love all over again, and it’s never enough. So food lovers, rejoice because your fondest childhood memory has just earned a tag. A very notable one in fact! It’s only yesterday when Food Authority of India declared your very favourite Rajma Chawal the National Dish of India.


Since the dawn of time, our nation couldn’t decide on a National Dish due to the incomparable diversity of cuisines. However, after years of unending debates and fights, the concerned authorities finally asked people to vote for one between Rajma Chawal and Chole Bhature. And like a pro, these humble kidney beans came out as the ultimate champion and became India’s face of culinary.

For a true Indian who bleeds blue, no matter how much we grow up or which part of the world we end up living in, the foodie in us never stops craving for that one plate of steaming rice with flavourful rajma poured all over it. And of course some onion to go with it is always welcome. And this majestic dish won over our hearts like no other and it truly deserves to be India’s National Dish.

However, the competition between Chole and Rajma hasn’t ended yet. Even though the latter is leading the game by a huge margin, it still needs your help to make it to the Constitution of India. So vote here to etch Rajma Chawal’s name in India’s rich culture and heritage forever.



2 thoughts on “Rajma Chawal Declared National Dish Of India”

  1. Girish

    May be for vegetarians?? That too only for North Indian vegetarians…Chicken biryani beats it all time and dosas are ultimate dish for South Indian vegetarians…

  2. Meeta

    Chhole bharure i love ❤️

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