‘Modi #TumKabAaoge’: Shaheen Bagh Asks The Prime Minister To Celebrate Valentines Day With Them

With Valentines’s day celebration all over the nation, Shaheen bagh has made to the headlines, yet again. Protesting for weeks against the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC; from Chai pe Charcha to the new invitation #TumKabAaoge, we can witness how eagerly the protesters want the Prime Minister of India, to address their issues. The protesters had extended an invitation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to celebrate Valentine’s day eve with them.

With hashtag #TumKabAaoge, the people from Shaheen Bagh urged the PM to collect the gifts and talk to them. Promising a ‘Love Song’ and a surprise Valentine’s day gift, the posters by the Shaheen Bagh protesters paved its way to the social media platforms as well. The women have also written postcards to the PM inviting him to the tea and listen to their Mann Ki Baat. Amid the Shaheen Bagh’s continuous efforts to set their meeting with the PM, the protestors were seen celebrating on Valentine’s eve and were in an ecstatic mood, full of love and celebration.

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