Aaj Duniya Ko Dekhna Hai, Says Man Who Wrestled With A Snake Till His Entire Body Turned Blue

Hell hath no confusion (!) like an inebriated man basking in the glory of said inebriation. If you believe this is an exaggeration, well just keep reading. A man in Rajasthan, known to himself as Prakash, but to the world as a totally misguided and misbegotten superhero basically, basically canoodled albeit in an aggressive manner, with a snake to the point of his body turning blue and it being riddled with snakebites.

A viral video shows the man sitting in front of the snake, while clutching the reptile, and saying these gems: Nahin jaane dunga tujhe. Aaj main hu ya tu hai. Aaj duniya ko dekhna hai. 

Watch the whole video here:

The villagers saw the man and his behaviour and his injured body and informed the authorities. While we hope that the man is alright, it is absolutely terrible how rampant alcohol abuse can lead to absolutely bizarre and devastating things.


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