Spa: The Only Wellness Routine You Need To Indulge In!

If you thought a relaxing, rejuvenating, luxurious spa was only meant for people having the resources to pamper them, you need to read this! Spa, an exotic facility that only the ‘well off’ could afford in the past, has become a lot more accessible today.

Types of spas and its benefits:

There are diverse kinds of spa sessions to choose from- from Ayurvedic massages, mineral springs spa, aromatherapy to hot stone massages, traditional spas and many more, it is a great way to relax and relieve stress!

If you’re wondering why the trend of getting a spa is gaining so much popularity, it’s for all the wonderful benefits it brings! A session of spa could improve you health, both mentally and physically. It increases the blood circulation in your body, sending more oxygen and nutrients to your blood cells. A medical spa treatment could even relieve several chronic pains such as arthritis, muscle spasms and sciatica. For a regular visitor, it is a great way to calm your mind and body, a way to slow down and let your body re-generate. An exfoliating treatment will polish your body, remove the dead skin cells and hence add to your beauty and wellness routine.

Spas in India:

India is emerging as a global attraction for Ayurvedic spa treatments and in providing the travellers from over the world with a highly pronounced spiritual experience with a rich cultural undertone.

If you’re looking for a refreshing escape from your busy routine, a spa could help you take some time for yourself. You could take a few days off work and travel to an exotic spa.

Earlier, the concept of spa was more or less centered around women only. But now, there are several services offered for men as well. So you know who to ask to tag along on your next relaxing spa journey. Believe us, you and your partner are both going to have a great time beating the stress together and pampering yourselves!

GeoSpa GlobalSpa Awards:

It’s time to explore the top spa destinations, the best spa treatments and a lot more in India! This time in Mumbai, the rare few who stand tall in the blooming global wellness industry, get awarded at the GeoSpa GlobalSpa Awards for the distinguished excellence, marked by qualities and services that surpass any competition. The awards are audited by a 3rd party to arrive at a fair validation.

The coveted and desired, GeoSpa GlobalSpa Awards are a symbol of excellence for those in the business of spas. The best in the industry will get recognised for the best they bring in. The glamorous gala of the GeoSpa GlobalSpa Awards will be nothing short of a red-carpet evening, attended by a list of celebrities, professionals from the wellness and hospitality industry- each one talking about and inspiring us with their wellness lifestyle. All waiting with baited breath to know who takes home the trophy for the GeoSpa GlobalSpa Awards!

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