185 Mobile Phones Were Stolen From A Police Store Room. Here’s How!

Would you ever put your head in the lion’s mouth? Looks like these thieves would.

Recently, almost 185 mobile phone handsets were stolen from a storeroom at a police station in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur district. The mobile phones were seized by the police in various cases of theft.

The incident occurred at the Jaysingpur police station, around 38 km from Kolhapur in western Maharashtra, reports a leading daily.

“We have a room on the police station premises where all the seized properties in theft or other cases are stored. On Thursday (Jan 9) night, unidentified persons broke into the room and decamped with as many as 185 mobile handsets,” an official was quoted saying.

If you’re wondering how they managed to escape, the police station did not have CCTV cameras at the back gates, which the burglars took advantage of. “The investigation is on and we have positive leads in the case,” police inspector Datta Borigidde of Jaysingpur police station was quoted saying.

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