Stuti Khandwala Clearing All Science Entrances Ever Is Amazing, But There’s More To Education

Recently Stuti Khandwala cleared JEE Mains, NEET, IPMER, AIIMS MBBS test in one go and got into MIT, and while we laud it and are happy about the fact that not only does this show perseverance and hard work on the part of the girl, this is also important to attest the importance of girl education. However, should we just take this at face value and not go down deeper the whole of heralding engineering and mainstream medicine as the only fields worth reporting about? Have we ever talked about how someone got into NIFT, NID, and also political science and sociology, have we ever gotten proud of someone voluntarily not going for mainstream formal education but doing vocational studies instead.

Even though Stuti Khandwala has done all of us proud, let’s not use her example to further the ‘kotafication’ of our students. India’s first black and white web series ‘Kota Factory‘ also aims to make us understand this and not ‘kill’ students under the pressure of these ‘glorious’ exams. It very clearly shows what students go through in pursuit of cracking ‘the nation’s toughest college entrance examination’.

Even today, a lot of countrymen take ‘science’ as a stream that outwits all other educational endeavours. There are untold tales of so many out there who achieved pinnacle of success in education, but not in anything to do with science. What’s saddening is how many of these names can we take? How many such tales do we really care about and be equally proud just like we are with Stuti Khandwala. Will we ever cease to demean the rest while glorifying one?

So we know the importance of someone clearing entrance exams in one go with flying colours, we also agree for more women representation in STEM, but let’s not have parity between children and their dreams. Let’s be proud of someone when they crack multiple humanities based entrances as well.

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