The Internet Thinks This Karnataka Farmer Sings ‘Baby’ Better Than Bieber

The internet thinks this 26-year-old farmer from Karnataka sings Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ better than the original. 

Pradeep HR who hails from Hiriyur in Chitradurga district in Karnataka sings and even dances to western songs. According to the local media, Pradeep loves entertaining the locals as he gathers them to watch him sing and dance. While most don’t understand the language or his steps, they enjoy his performance.

The local media reported that while he had didn’t quite pass in English as a subject in his graduation, Pradeep was determined to strengthen his command on the language, which is how he developed an interest in western music.

If that wasn’t enough to inspire you, this man can also sing in Chinese and Japanese. Talking to local media, Pradeep said that he does not understand Chinese or Japanese. He likes to put on earphones and try to imitate their accents and moves. Pradeep added that he has always had a gift for mimicry and that he can change his tone and pitch to suit any track and singer that he hears.


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