The White House’s Twitter Handle Unfollows President Kovind, PM Modi

The White House’s Twitter handle has unfollowed Indian President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the Prime Minister’s office. It has also unfollowed the Twitter handle of the Indian Embassy in America.

Interestingly, three weeks ago, PM Modi became the only head of state that was being followed by this account. White House then followed 19 Twitter handles and all non-American accounts were Indian. Now it follows 13.

The following came some days after PM Modi had finally decided to export hydroxychloroquine, that could aid in the fight against novel coronavirus. President Trump had then tweeted a thank you to PM Modi, saying that his “strong leadership is not just helping India but all of humanity”.

Of course, this caused Twitter to erupt in conspiracy theories, and curiosity.

However, a source has tried to explain why the unfollow came into place – The White House Twitter account normally follows senior US government Twitter accounts, and others as appropriate. For example, during the time of a presidential visit, the account typically follows for a short time, the host country’s officials to retweet their messages in support of the visit,” this was remarked as per PTI.

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