There Are Mannequins Dressed As Police In Bengaluru To Combat Traffic Menace

Bengaluru’s traffic is notorious! The yellow-topped autos, green and blue buses, dirty white cabs, and swarms of bikes and scooters that instantly plug the minuscule spaces that open up are leading the traffic race like no other city. Every Bengalurian has a legendary traffic tale to tell.

And now to combat this dreaded traffic, Bengaluru traffic police have deployed around 30 life-size mannequins, in police uniforms, across the city. The mannequins are dressed as police with reflector jackets, white shirts, khaki pants, hats and black shoes. According to the police, the mannequins will act as a deterrent to traffic violators at small junctions and also regulate traffic in the city.

City additional commissioner B R Ravikanthe Gowda said that he came up with the idea after observing motorists putting on helmets, drivers fastening their seat- belts and stopping using mobile phones after they spot traffic policemen from a distance. The location of these mannequins will also be changed regularly so that people don’t get used to mannequins.

The idea, however, has not gone down well with the police department with a few senior officials calling the move “unorthodox” and “stupid”.


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