Uber And Delhi Police Collaborates To Enhance Rider Safety

The rising instances of heinous crimes from Nirbhaya gang rape to the Vet rape and murder case, the brutality in committing crimes is not slowing down. In order to curb such activities, the taxi hailing app Uber and Delhi Police are coming forward to offer a safe and secure ride.

Uber announced its partnership with Delhi Police’s Himmat app which would enable riders to share their information for tracking purposes which will be optional for the riders. Amulya Patnaik, Delhi Police Commissioner on confirming the collaboration stated that the integration of enhanced location services and travel information will help in saving lives. The duo has distributed over 1,000 Himmat QR Verification Cards to driver partners.

Hence, once a rider scans the QR Card, they can access to driver partners’ details and vehicle information on the Himmat app, and can report their journey directly to the Delhi Police.

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