UP Principal Advises Students To Cheat And Keep Rs 100 In Answer Sheets

Do you remember your teachers and principal advising on how to prepare for exams or asking you to stress less. Well, we now have a principal who has changed the definition of ‘boosting confidence’ ethically. In the UP district, a shocking video of a principal surfaced online who was seen advising the students on how to cheat.

However, the principal was arrested soon after the 2-minute video went viral. A student had uploaded the video on the complain portal of UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. According to the sources, the man was identified as Praveen Mall, who was the manager-cum-principal of a private school in Mau district. He was seen telling the children, “Write your exam with the help of cheating and maintain discipline when your ‘chit’ is caught. He also asked students to keep Rs. 100 in answer sheets and assured them they “won’t fail”.”

Surprisingly, due to the strict anti cheating measures being employed by the UP government this year, thousands of students are skipping the board exams.

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