Vikram Sarabhai - Indian scientist

Google Honours The Father Of ISRO Vikram Sarabhai On His 100th Birthday

Millions of Indians woke up on Monday to see a Google Doodle on one of the most celebrated scientists of all times, the father of ISRO Vikram Sarabhai. The award-winning physicist was honoured with an illustration by artist Pavan Rajurkar on the scientist’s 100th birthday anniversary, using elements like the moon, rockets and more to depict what he firmly stood for.

father of ISRO Vikram Sarabhai

Following the successful launch of Sputnik by Russia, Sarabhai managed to convince the Indian government about the need for a comprehensive space programme. He started the Indian National Committee for Space Research in 1962, which later became the today’s Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Further, it was under his leadership that the Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station was established in Kerala, with a successful launch in 1963. The innovator was also instrumental in launching India’s first satellite Aryabhatta into the Earth’s orbit in 1975.

Father of Indian space program

And today, his efforts have indeed paid off as ISRO launched just a month ago Chandrayaan-2– India’s successful mission to the South Pole of the Moon, becoming the first country to do so. To honour him, the lander of India’s second manned Moon mission has been named Vikram which is scheduled to touch the lunar surface in September.