Watch: Wing Commander Abhinandan Talks About His Life As An IAF Pilot

With arms wide open, the Indian Air Force and the entire nation welcomed Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman as he returned to India from Pakistan last Friday. The country was in a frenzy of celebration to welcome the fighter pilot, who with his bravery and composure awed all of his fellow citizens and won hearts around. But is the Wing Commander’s fiercely calm attitude that the whole world witnessed an overnight makeover? Clearly not!

Even almost a decade back, Abhinandan Varthaman had the same zeal, persistence, grit and passion as he does now. As he takes us through a day of a fighter pilot’s life, Abhinandan Varthaman says a ‘bad’ attitude is all that it takes to master a Sukhoi Su-30 on air. Further, he emphasizes the importance of breakfast in a pilot’s life and how the pre-flight meal affects mental ability and G-tolerance.

Watch the video below and see how the Wing Commander had a placid and cool demeanour even when he was a 26 year old Flight Lieutenant. The pilot further opens up on his flying buddies, the role of a pilot and a co-pilot. And most importantly, the ‘bad’ attitude that every pilot needs to rule the skies with a fighter beast.


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