Woman’s Life Saved By Her Breast Implants After She Was Shot In The Chest

A woman’s life was saved by her silicone breast implants after she was shot in the chest at close range while walking down a street in Toronto, doctors have said.

The 30-year-old’s left breast implant deflected the bullet away from her vital organs into the other breast, according to a case study published last week in the SAGE medical journal.

The incident, which occurred in 2018, is one of only a handful of cases where a woman was saved by her breast implants and is believed to be the first involving silicone ones, the study said.

The patient, who was not named, went to the local emergency department in the Canadian city after feeling pain in her chest and seeing blood, an online portal points out.

Surgeons found a single entry wound and retrieved a bullet from below her right breast, which police forensics later determined was a copper-jacketed 0.40 caliber, the study said.

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