Echoing The Chinese Govt’s Ruling, Now Wuhan Bans The Consumption Of Wild Animals

Chinese authorities, world over, faced flak over how they dealt with the novel coronavirus pandemic. Whether it was the delayed reactions in warning the world, or it was the continued sale of wild animals. Now authorities in Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, has reaffirmed the Chinese government’s ban on the consumption and trade of wild animals. The central government had first made this ruling on February 24.

According to the South China Post, “online trading platforms, commercial markets, agricultural markets and restaurants, as well as transport and logistics companies shall not supply venues or services for wildlife consumption,”, as per the city government’s website on Thursday.

The website also noted a similar restriction applied to the breeding of non-domesticated animals, with exceptions for the purposes of “species protection, scientific research and animal exhibitions [such as zoos and wildlife parks]” that had been approved by the government.


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