Japanese Tycoon Gives 9 Million Dollars For This Social Experiment!

Happiness is a constant that we all strive for, as and when we progress and evolve we factor in happiness as the utmost important impetus. However, happiness is a subjective term; for some good health is happiness, love is happiness, money is happiness. To prove the third one as a valid argument a Japanese fashion tycoon has embarked upon an interesting experiment.

Yusaku Maezawa is giving away $9 Million (!). The money, divided between 1,000 lucky people, will be selected at random for his social experiment. The experiment? Basically to see if money improves a person’s happiness. Netizens were asked to join Twitter and retweet him. Maezawa tweeted announcing the contest, posted on December 31, collected 4.1 million ‘retweets’. In a YouTube video, he explained that a lottery will determine the lucky 1,000 from among the people who retweeted him, who will then be notified through direct message.

Maezawa urged winners to use the money “as they like” and answer regular questionnaires about how they are using it. The tech tycoon also called for social scientists to help analyse the experiment results.

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