Bizarre Destinations

5 Must-Visit Bizarre Museums Around The World

Museums collect and preserve our objects and materials of religious, cultural and historical value. But, here are a few museums that are unique and too bizarre to miss out on. Well, you should visit at least once in your lifetime!

5 Locations In India Perfect For A Staycation 

Even though people are getting back to office, the hybrid work culture is still prominent. So, if you’re someone who has itchy feet and loves to travel to unknown locations and stay there for a long period of time, then

Love Stargazing? Here Are 5 Astro-Villages To Visit In India

Have you ever thought of spending a peaceful time while stargazing? Well, here are 5 offbeat Astro villages that you should visit. BENITAL, UTTRAKHAND Benital in Uttarakhand is one village that is being explored to make it an Astro-village where

Google Maps Discover A Village Of The Living Dead

Google Maps know-it-all; it can find any place anywhere. And this very app has now discovered a creepy town in Japan that’s filled with dead people. Yes, you read that right! An eagle-eyed user came across a weird sighting in