Live The Dream As Nutella Hotel Is Coming To California Next Year

A new hotel is opening that has the ultimate spread … literally. Nutella is opening a hotel in California where diehard fans of the hazelnut treat can indulge in all its creamy deliciousness. Entitled Hotella Nutella, the getaway experience is set to launch in Napa Valley in January 2020 for one weekend only.

Guests will enjoy rooms decked out with comforters, wallpaper and pillows branded with the Nutella logo. In addition, croissant-shaped pillows will ensure everyone enjoys restful sleep full of sweet dreams. The company in a press release said, “Hotella Nutella reimagines the joy of the hotel stay with a special breakfast experience that allows fans to enjoy Nutella in new and different ways. We hope our guests learn how to recreate the magic of Hotella Nutella at home, giving them more opportunities to gather with friends and family to enjoy a special breakfast”.

A stay at the Nutella hotel wouldn’t be right without sampling the hazelnut spread. So, to make the weekend truly special, a Nutella ‘breakfast-dinner’ run by “Iron Chef” and Food Network chef Geoffrey Zakarian will be on offer, as well as a savoury Southern brunch with Tanya Holland. Further, Pancake artists Dancakes will also show you how to do pancake art – using the chocolatey spread.

In order to be able to stay at Hotella Nutella, fans need to submit a 60 second video showcasing why Nutella is their favorite breakfast item. Three lucky winners and their plus ones will get roundtrip coach air transportation to the wine country, ground transportation, and two nights in the chocolatey hotel during the weekend of January 10-12, 2020. Applicants, however, have to be from the US and submissions are due by December 8th, so get cracking on your video.


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