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6 Unique Dussehra Rituals You Should Totally Travel For!

Dussehra means different things to different people. And India being a diverse nation couldn’t have understood this better! Different parts of India attach different meanings to their celebration. For some, it marks the end of fasting. For the others, it

8 Buildings Around The World You Don’t Want To Miss

When it comes to travelling, why do we stop at just the regular sightseeing spots? The world is our oyster and it has so much more to offer in terms of bizarre travel spots and weird buildings. Architectural marvels abound

5 Places to Visit in India to Experience the Force of Nature

The force of nature pervades and overpowers all of our collective powers, as we are forced to remember every now and then. In India, this holds truer than ever. There are bizarre places, then there are mysterious places, but then