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These 10 Dangerous Roads That Will Redefine Your Idea Of Adventure

If you’ve ridden a roller coaster at least once, you feel the expression ‘to have your heart in your mouth’. And it’s unlikely that this entertainment can be compared with roads built at an altitude of several kilometers over an abyss, above the water or even in a lonely desert. Treacherous passes and hairpin turns combine to make these roads the most deadly in the world. India too has its share of such thrillers.

Here’re the 8 most dangerous roads of our country that is bound to keep you on the edge. Would you avoid them or seek them out?

#1 Zozi La Pass


The blink of an eye could land your vehicle straight down from an altitude of 3538 meters. One of the country’s most dreaded roads, Zozi La Pass is frightfully narrow and covered in snow sludge round the season. A major link between Ladakh and Kashmir, you’ll come across this route while making your way to Leh from Srinagar.

#2 Kolli Hill Road


70 hairpin bends are what you need to negotiate to reach Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu. Yes, you heard it right. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, Kolli Hill grimly translates into ‘Mountains of Death’.

#3 Rohtang Pass


We all are familiar with Rohtang Pass but do you know what it means? You must’ve never imagined but Rohtang translates to ‘ground of corpses’ which gives a hint of the danger associated with it. This section of the Manali-Leh highway is a muddy, single-lane with a vertical rock face on one side and a bottomless chasm on the other that’ll surely satisfy the adventurer in you.

#4 Chang La Pass


The cliff hanging drive and narrow roads on the Chang La Pass will give you goosebumps. The second highest motor-able pass of the world, drivers experience breathlessness and nausea while passing through this route. However, the views that await you from this pass will take your breath away.

#5 Gata Loops


The picture itself speaks what’s there in store for you. Even if you don’t have mountain sickness, the extreme hairpin bends will surely get you dizzy. What makes it spooky is that the vertiginous road with 21 loops is believed to be haunted. Are you up for a drive in Gata Loops on the Manali Leh highway?

#6 Bum La Pass


The drivers of Arunachal Pradesh are often considered the best of India and you’ll realize how true it is only when you experience it on your own. One of the country’s deadliest roads, Bum La Pass is located at an altitude of 16,500 feet. The frequency of the sharp hairpin turns make sure that you won’t get a chance to recover from one before you sway to another. Bum La Pass is highly affected by blizzards as well.

#7 Killar-Kishtwar Road


Dubbed as one of the greatest nightmares for drivers, Killar-Kishtwar road is only for the brave hearted who’re willing to risk their lives should the drive take even a single wrong turn. A terrifying mountainous trail is exposed on one side of the road by an unfathomable gorge. Don’t even think about taking this adventurous road if you’re prone to vertigo or car sickness.

#8 Sikkim’s 3-level zigzag road


Probably the most dizzying road of the world, 3 level zigzag road in Sikkim touches an altitude of 11,200 feet. The road spins around mountainous terrain and a breathtaking view of the valley awaits for you at every turn.


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