Weedmaps Museum of Weed

There’s Apparently A Museum Of Weed In Los Angeles, And What?!

While sitting here in India you might feel austere, the world is currently living in the golden age of marijuana. In the past decade, we have all witnessed a seismic shift with regard to the global attitude toward the humble green leaves. 
Museum of Weed
Cannabis has ridden itself off stigma and is rapidly growing as an industry. Even though the majority of nations have banned cannabis, a significant number will not prosecute for the personal use of it. It has tussled a long time to become a legal, tax-paying, multi-billion industry with listed companies traded on the US and Canadian stock exchanges. The global market for legal cannabis is expected to reach $145 billion by 2025 with double-digit growth rates projected. Dispensaries dot the cities around the United States Of America. Still, many of us know nothing about the history of the drug beyond information passed in stoner comedies. Worry no more!
museum of weed los angeles
Los Angeles’ newly unveiled Weedmaps Museum Of Weed travels over and takes visitors through the history of marijuana, from its prohibition to its legalisation. “Our goal with the Weedmaps Museum of Weed is to demystify cannabis and its role in society, and to draw attention to the impact prohibition of cannabis has had on various social groups in the US and beyond,” Weedmaps CEO Chris Beals said in a press release.
The official Twitter handle of Weedmaps read, “TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE WEEDMAPS #MUSEUMOFWEED!! Open to the public on August 3rd for a limited time. The experience builds on our long-standing commitment to combat stigma and to shed light on social justice issues surrounding #cannabis.”
Well, let us know in the comments if you would like to visit this bizarre destination! And if you’re planning a visit, make it happen before September ends.

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