Jungles in the world

7 Forests Around The World To Bring Out The Junglee In You

Nature is ever not invigorating. It refreshes our soul, it clears the palette of our being, and it renews our energy with such potency. Forests are indeed where all this gets culminated to their true capacity. Read about all the jungles in the world you must make a point to see once in your lifetime!

1. Hallerbos, Belgium

Forests in the world

The arrival of spring every year transforms this dense, green forest into a carpet of violet-blue bloom! Millions of Bluebells spread across the forest like a never ending sea of flowers and make you feel like you are in a wonderland!

2. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica

largest forests in the world

Being one of the iconic cloud forest gems of Costa Rica, the forest leaves you with a beautiful hiking experience as you walk through the breathtaking biodiversity residing in the lush green forest!

3. Sundarbans, India

biggest forest in the world

The Sundarbans are one of the largest forests in the world and amongst the diverse flora and fauna resides a chance to see the King Cobras, Crocodiles and the Royal Bengal Tigers. Evoking a sense of mystery and adventure, a visit to the Sundarbans is a pristine experience that will make you fall in love with its wildlife and landscape!

4. Daintree Rainforest, Australia

Rainforests in the world

Exposing you to a wonderful wildlife experience is this dense, untouched rainforest. Daintree offers a calm, golden beach, sprinting streams, waterfalls, pristine coral reefs and a remote wilderness with incredibly beautiful hiking and walking trails.

5. Otzarreta Forest, Spain

Otzarreta Forest, Spain

Here in Otzarreta, the branches of the ancient trees spread up more than out and are one of the quirkiest and weirdest trees you will ever see! The foggy and mystical forest is a must visit, especially in Autumn when the forest is covered with a carpet of fall hues.

6. Goblin Forest, New Zealand

Goblin Forest, New Zealand

Eerie and covered in moss, the name of the forest speaks for itself. A number of tourists come here to take long walks and feel the goblin glow just like in a fantasy movie!

7. Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

This natural forest of Bamboo is one of the most serene natural sites and an easy one to be accessed by tourists. The long, skinny and green trunks of Bamboo make an enchanting rustling sound as the wind passes through them, making the visitors go here especially to listen to the tranquil sound of nature.

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