7 Kinds of Trips You Need to Tick Off Your List

We all have a bucket list of the places we want to visit some time in life. Some of them are fancy destinations from India and abroad which are currently out of budget. Others are remote locations which nobody has ever heard of. Some are just places we want to get lost in and never return. Others are places which we have dreamt of visiting since our childhood days.

We have got lost in such a big stockpile of places to visit that we have forgotten the very essence of travelling- to experience and to explore. Here are some kinds of trips that everyone should try to take once in a lifetime to make the most out of every travel and add a new and unique page to their travel diaries with every trip they take.

1. The Solo Trip

Our spin on the age old adage reads- ‘One’s A Company,Two’s A Crowd’. Travelling solo has a number of unique advantages, the obvious one being your planning can go according to you and your wishes alone. You are the master of your own heart and you can follow it on this very solo trip! Go backpacking, trekking, hiking, skiing, snow-sledging, star-gazing, food-hopping, whatever the world you want.

2. The Group Trip

Though serial travellers abhor this for its lack of flexibility- it is an experience that one needs to try! Travelling with a group as a part of a packaged deal is an interesting mélange of several things. Being a part of a group tour comes with its own set of responsibilities and duties, but hey, you get to learn some discipline and honor your time commitments. Plus, meeting and travelling with a new set of like-minded people is always a plus. What’s more- group deals are always better than solo ones. Following a schedule also helps you do more in lesser time.

3. The Adventure Trip

This for all the adrenaline-junkies out there! Pick up your jogging shoes, pack up your shorts and pants, and get some of the most memorable trips of your lifetime. There are so many kinds of places that specialize in just adventure sports and activities such as river rafting, kayaking, paragliding, parasailing, and the queen of them all- bungee jumping! Maybe this vacation would leave your legs feeling sore, your arms aching, your neck paining- but the memories you make will make the stories of a lifetime.

4. The Event Trip

There are so many events happening all around the world- why not time your vacations with some of them? Music concerts, food fests, rock fests, sporting events, racing events, movie premieres, and we’re only getting started! It always pays off to meet like-minded people united by a common purpose. You can often get some inside tips from experienced event travellers too. There is so much more to add to a vacation by just scheduling around some awesome events!

5. The Spiritual Trip

Because ultimately, the sole aim of a trip is to rediscover YOU! There are a number of yoga and wellness retreats popping up around the world which help you refresh and rejuvenate. They don’t just take you away from the busy walks of life to a completely unknown destination, but also help you seek answers from within. Spiritual wellness is central to your well-being, so why not make your vacation about it too?

6. The Volunteer Trip

Experts say it is good to travel- as it boosts local businesses and helps economies to prosper. Why not take this a step further and volunteer for a good cause in the city you’re travelling to? You can help out with a variety of causes- but the best is to work for something you personally feel for. You will get to know the people, the language, the culture, and get some insider tips too. You can boast to your friend circle of not just having travelled- but travelled to make a difference.

7. The Spontaneous Trip

Who cares about travel itineraries, schedules, plans and routines? Because it’s good to not know what’s going to happen next! We all need a trip where we can just go with the flow instead of planning the day ahead weeks or even months in advance. These kind of trips make us realize how good life is if we just live the moment without worrying about the days that have gone by, or the ones that are about to come. Quickly pack some essentials and you’re ready to go!

So, next time you plan to take a vacation, have all these kinds of trips as a ready reckoner to make the most of your trips and make it count!

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