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10 Around The Globe Destinations To Travel With Bae

Who knew tying the knot could be so… uh … tedious? From hours spent daydreaming to prepping for the big day and making course through countless rituals… Finally comes the time to shower them with all your attention and affection, they have been long craving. The greatest gift you could ever give your sweetheart is a spellbinding vacation. Leave them with lingering memories of a time well spent by choosing with us a destination around the world even their best friends could never think of. This is your holy grail! Take notes…


Copenhagen, Denmark- Incomparable charm

Remember when bike rides were your favourite part of an evening out with friends? Rekindle the joy of simpler times with your best friend for life. Jump in the saddle; arrange a bike tour- the best way to enjoy the Danish capital city is through its bicycle superhighways. Or cruise through the canals with a drink in your hand for a touristy thrill. Did I mention they have “Morning Bars”? Make it an “experience” by booking your stay at a floating hotel on the water or the smallest in the world, a hotel with only one room. The best hostel in town has a tattoo parlour inside, where you can get matching tattoos!

The Namib Desert, Namibia- Deserted together

This age old coastal desert is the kind of destination you’re looking for to heighten the wedding bliss. With picture perfect scenery for a stunning honeymoon, starry nights to sleep under and private camping adventures, Namib Desert is the fix, hidden from the bustle. Wildlife watching, incredible safari opportunities, skydiving, sand boarding and some Namibian beer, brewed to the highest German standards.

Abisko, Sweden- Far North

You cannot go wrong with a spontaneous trip to Sweden. Explore the Abisko National Park, which is home to bears, lynx and wolverine. Watching the awe inspiring northern lights, a majestic phenomenon, is probably the biggest reason people visit this small village. Try ice climbing, or Nordic skiing over treeless mountains. Hook up a fishing trip or go dog-sledding.

Bay of Fundy, Canada- Dramatic seascapes

We are all islanders at heart. This destination is a treasure chest of marine wonders and travel wanderers alike. Crashing tidal waves against craggy cliffs, over hundred billion tons of water rushes into the bay, Fundy witnesses wild tides that are highest in the world. Head out on a romantic whale-watching excursion, spend a day island-hopping. Lay here endless adventures enough for a lifetime.

Isfahan, Iran- Persian love

Once the capital of ancient Persia and among the largest cities of the world, Isfahan is Iran’s hidden gem. Most of the sites are centuries old. Marvel at the domes and minarets adorned with calligraphy and mosaic tiles, a sight to behold.  Give your taste buds a tingle, indulge in some Iranian cuisine. Visit the Isfahan Old Bazaar, it’s a maze of lanes and variety of trades. From spices, dried dates to beautiful crockery, cloth material and crafts, this is the commercial heart of the city. Naqsh-e-Jahan square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the largest city squares in the world. Make your honeymoon the most memorable with this dazzling destination.

Mirissa, Sri Lanka – A tropical paradise

From watching blue whales to hand-in-hand walks far along the beach stretches and equally romantic sunsets, this small town has everything to make your honeymoon a perfect one. Coastal shores only a few venture, Mirissa is a beachy paradise you can have all to yourself, surprise them with a candlelight dinner!!!! Create the most amazing first memory of your married life.

Krabi, Thailand – The ‘IT’ destination

For a change we name Thailand as a destination to purely relax. Krabi is a province of ancient Buddhist caves, limestone islands dotting the coastline, seafront restaurants among a vibrant nightlife, which make it instantly lovable. Fall in love all over again. The Krabi Island Tour is must- snorkel, swim, and scuba dive or just soak up the sun!

Ubud, Indonesia – Eat, pray, love

No more squabbling, keep your beach bae happy. Mountain silhouettes sit happy with emerald waters at Ubud. With so many tranquil spots, this destination does not need a long ‘to-do’ list. Witness famous traditional dance performances; rent a motorbike to explore the countryside. Oh and, do take a trip to the monkey forest as well as, all the holy temples for a blissful time!!!

Thimphu, Bhutan – Find happiness here

Bhutan is far from ordinary. Thimpu is the only capital city in a country in the world to not have a traffic signal! Savour local flavours; spend hours meditating on views so gorgeous we can’t even! No wonder it’s the happiest place on earth. Hike to ‘Tiger’s Nest’ before coming back; precariously perched hugging on cliff rocks, it’s mythical and magical, lies behind which a legend you need to find out!!! GO!

Kathmandu, Nepal – Hidden valleys under Buddha’s gaze

Mountains, jungles, spiritual sites, wildlife, friendly faces and finger licking good food; visiting Kathmandu is a sensory overload. Rich in cultural traditions as well as an array of options to party the night away, it is all spiritual, serene and glitzy!


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