Book A Trip To Morocco Only For This Reason

Colours are often subtexts or undertones to destinations and locations. They are the descriptive prefixes we give to beautiful structures or moods or climates. It is very rare that the colours are the anchors to creativity. One of the rare examples are the expansive and magnificent Majorelle Garden in Marrakesh. Part botanical gardens and part artistic haven, this spectacular architecture was first created by Jacques Majorelle and took a crazy 40 years to be finished! In the 1980s designers Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge purchased it and restored it, to what is it known to be now!  


The property gave birth to the exquisite blue tone now called Majorelle blue, and just like Klein blue this is a signature colour which is reminiscent only the the Majorelle gardens. This beautiful area now houses Musee Yves Saint Laurent, an Islamic Art Museum and the Berber Museum!