Here’s Why You Should Visit Cape Town At Least Once In Your Life

If you’re going to travel anywhere this year and are already making plans, the coastal city of Cape Town should definitely be on your agenda. From lounging on pristine beaches to gorging on sea food fresh from the ocean, this place in the African continent is only for those who live every moment like its their last. 

The climate is more than perfect, all the time, no lie

If you’re travelling for the ‘gram’, Boulders Beach is where you’d find penguins sprawling on the sand. NICE, RIGHT?

Cape Town is abundant with beachfront bars to enjoy a sun-downer at!

The nightlife is unmatched

Whether you tandem-paraglide over the Atlantic Ocean, sail a yacht around Robben Island or go water-biking in the sea, there are plenty of adventure sports here. Love hiking? There are amazing spots for that too

Famous for bright colored houses and cobblestone streets, walk around Bo-Kaap, the experience is unmissable


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