5 Cruise Vacations That Should Be On Every Indian’s Bucketlist

Who doesn’t love to go on a cruise vacation? So guys, gear up to sail on the high seas for your next summer vacation! Spend some time over the gleaming waves this season. Given India’s beautiful coastline and waterways, luxury cruises are a great way to explore it. For your vacay getaway, here is a list of 5 top cruise vacations in India:

1. Andaman Island Glass Bottom Cruise

Uncover the beauty of the Andaman Sea, without getting your toes wet. Get ready to indulge in a luxurious window into the mesmerizing world of corals and marine life of Port Blair, from within the comfort  & safety. So come glide over the Andaman Sea, and explore the exquisite colorful corals on this vacation.

2. Casino Pride Cruise, Goa

Casino Pride cruise  is one of the best floating casinos in India. If you’re looking  to intensify your entertainment pulse this summer, Casino Pride is the place to be..Located on the Mandovi, the experience on Casino Pride is a delight with the beautiful sight of the river and the city of Panaji. It is spread over three floors and can indulge 500 guests at a time with its exciting range of live games. Experience vegas, the desi way.

3. Kerala Cruise

If we’re talking about cruises how could we not mention Kerala.  The state is known for its picturesque palm-lined coast,, its vast network of canals, and backwaters which are perfect for cruise.The Indian state’s scenic waterways and rentable houseboats make for a relaxing break in nature. Head soon to explore the heavenly land of Kerala.

4. Brahmaputra Cruise

Discover the rural villages, the enchanting countryside and the marvelous bird life by embarking on a cruise on the almighty Brahmaputra River.The delectable cuisine served on board adds to the river cruise experience. So, what are you waiting for? Start your trip on this spectacular cruise.

5. Chilika Lake Cruise

Hop on board this luxurious river boat cruise and spot a variety of birds and dolphins dancing across the water ripples just for you.

Want to escape from the daily hustle & bustle of the city streets? Now, you know where to go!


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