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Visit A New Place Every Month; That’s How Your 2019 Should Look Like

2019 is almost here and so are our plans for the upcoming year. We’re sure you have your travelling plans lined up for the next year, but does your planner also have the big festivals and events happening around? You don’t have to invest to be a part of them separately when you can include them in your vacation. It not only saves money but it’ll also save you time, thus giving you the opportunity to visit the places you might have missed.

Here we’ve rounded up the places you must visit in 2019 that’ll land you not only in the most wonderful places but also the most happening events.

Gujarat – Uttarayan

From wildlife at Gir National Park to exploring the architectural wonders of Champaner to the gorgeous beaches of Jamnagar, the range of places to explore in Gujarat is quite astounding. However, visiting Gujarat during the festival of Uttarayan has its own charm. Thousands of kites take over the skies over most cities from dawn until well after dark and it’s truly a sight to behold. Celebrated when winter begins turning to summer, every person of the state takes to the rooftops and roadways to fly kites and compete with one another.

Utah, USA – The Sundance Film Festival

Kaleidoscope canyons, exquisite rock formations, towering flat-topped mesas, and alpine mountains define the dramatic and uniquely varied landscape of the state of Utah. Amidst this exotic natural beauty, heading to the Park City’s Sundance Film Festival is a no brainer. Kick starting in January’s last week, the festival is America’s largest indie film festival and also one of the most influential one.

Phoenix, USA – Grand Canyon’s 100th Birthday

A visit to the Grand Canyon is the must-have American experience. It’s never disappointing and you just can’t forget your visit to this natural wonder throughout your life. On February 26th, 2019, it’ll celebrate a hundred years since it’s designation as a national park, so why not make it all the more memorable and pay the Grand Canyon a visit on its 100th birthday?

Salvador, Brazil – Bahia’s Carnival

Salvador in Brazil has an energy and unadorned beauty that very few cities can match. Forget Rio, Salvador embraces carnival on a different level with bigger parties and longer days, complete with a totally liberal attitude. Salvador is Brazil’s musical and cultural center with a rich history that is laced with African heritage, and gorgeous tropical beaches by warm turquoise seas. The city’s less ‘touristy’ carnival happening between February 28th and March 6th lasts around 16 hours a day, so whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, there’s always an event for you.

Mathura – Holi

If you want a spiritual vacation, Mathura is your go-to place. But visiting this town during Holi is an experience not to be missed. Imagine celebrating the Festival of Colours on the very same place where Krishna did. Yes, it’s on the ghats of Mathura – the birthplace of Krishna where Holi is celebrated in the most wild, yet colourful and sane revelry. If you’re up for an epic Holi in 2019, book your tickets to Mathura.

Melbourne, Australia – Melbourne International Comedy Festival

One word. Melbourne. The most liveable city of the world needs no introduction. And what about bringing in more laughter to the trip that’s going to be one of the best of your life surely. Visit the bustling city in March or April and be a part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The three and a half week event will have you bellyaching, be it the stand-up comedy, cabaret, street performances or films.

Assam – Bihu

The Gateway of Northeast definitely calls for a visit at least once in a life time. But if you want to understand and feel the true essence of Assam, visiting the state during Bihu will give you the best experience. From colourful dance troops visiting your household for a performance, the traditional food that’s available everywhere to the rich biodiversity and a really pleasant weather, the state just has the best of things to offer in April.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – King’s Day

With the beautiful architecture, captivating scenery, fascinating history and of course the puffs, it’s no wonder Amsterdam is a long standing favourite city break. Imagine the city bursting with orange as Amsterdammers enjoy the biggest street party of the year. Yes, you can be a part of it if you’re in The Netherlands around 27th April. Amidst orange-pride, live music, DJs, parties and a citywide street market, you’ll find an electric atmosphere that just can’t be missed.

Monaco – Monaco Grand Prix

Good things tend to come in small packages and the tiny Monaco just proves that. Monaco is a destination like no other and the extravagant sights allure and inspire like none. Each May the Monegasque take to the hills with baskets full of baguettes and champagne to watch Formula 1 racers zoom along Monaco’s winding streets at top speeds. One of Formula 1’s most demanding tracks, The Monaco Grand Prix is a must see event once in a lifetime. Don’t forget to try your luck at the world’s most beautiful casino- Casino de Monte-Carlo.

London, England – ICC World Cup

Given that London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, we don’t need a reason or excuse to visit the city – there’ll be something for you. But we’ll still give you one and it’s ICC World Cup. Witnessing history at the English capital is an overwhelming experience and you just can’t let this golden opportunity go. Visit London between May and July and it’s not just the World Cup in store for you; there’s Wimbledon too. Who knows, you might just see Roger Federer lifting his 21st Grand Slam.

Boom, Belgium- Tomorrowland


Belgium is a harmonious fusion of old world charm and modern trends and culture. From vintage castles, mansions and museums to amusements like none other than Tomorrowland, Boom is an ideal place for all types of vacationers.  Tomorrowland is itself a fairytale world situated in beautiful natural surroundings. Visit this European gem in July and you are guaranteed the time of your life.

Kerala – Onam

‘God’s Own Country’ is an ideal place to travel as God has rewarded this thin strip of land hugely with nature’s pure beauty, rivers, beautiful beaches and wonderful backwaters. And Onam is a celebration not to be missed in Kerala. The state looks all colourful with pookalams that adorn every house of Kerala. You’ll also witness Keralites dressed up in traditional wear as they gear up to welcome Mahabali, the legendary king of Kerala.

Mumbai – Ganesh Chaturthi

There’re reasons enough to visit the City of Dreams – nightlife to nature, the city has it all. But have you ever witnessed Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai? You must have surely seen it in movies and by now have understood the grandeur of the festival in Mumbai. If you want to experience an Indian festival on a grand scale, this is it –a massive street party with a special spiritual meaning.

Albuquerque, New Mexico – International Balloon Fiesta

The secret island escapes, the Caribbean coastline and its cosmopolitan capital city with its thriving restaurant scene and the quirky colonial towns make Mexico one of 2019’s hottest destinations. How about visiting this country when hundreds of hot air balloons are taking to the New Mexico skies as part of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the largest ballooning event in the world. Visit Mexico in October and witness the breathtaking sight of colourful balloons high up in the sky.

Varanasi- Dev Deepavali

Varanasi is undoubtedly one of the most compelling destinations in India. But the town takes over a whole new avatar while celebrating Dev Deepavali that comes two weeks after the real Diwali. Varanasi’s ghats pulse with glowing diyas and devotees dress in the festive best during this time. The Gods and Goddesses are believed to visit the Earth for a dip in the Ganga and hence the bustling city is filled with thousands of pilgrims around the world. This trip will be an experience that is at once spectacular, overwhelming and unforgettable.


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