These Are India’s Natural Jacuzzis, And You Should Pack Your Bag Now People!

What’s a natural Jacuzzi, you ask? It’s the hot-water bath of your dreams is what it is. And you can find a host of them right here in India! This country of breath-taking landscapes also boasts of several hot springs. They’re pools of water which arise when geothermally heated groundwater rises from the Earth’s crust.

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Rich in medicinal chemicals and minerals, these springs are nature’s very own healing spas. Apart from therapeutic benefits, they’re known to help with skin problems, muscular pains, high blood pressure and more. The next time you want a breather from the daily grind, check out these popular hot springs in India:

1. Panamik, Ladakh

Nestled in Jammu & Kashmir’s Nubra Valley, the Panamik hot spring is nothing short of magic. For a tired traveller, freezing in Ladakh’s cold, a dip in this hot spring will feel just like a warm and fuzzy hug! PS: It’s said that this water can cure rheumatism.

2. Kheer Ganga, Himachal Pradesh

It’s only fitting that a trek as picturesque as that of Kheer Ganga, is also home to a tranquil hot spring. First, get awestruck by the beauty of the Ganga river, white as kheer. Then experience the sweet joy of kheer at the hot spring.

3. Yumthang, Sikkim

Nature lovers, rejoice! It’s no secret that India’s north-eastern region is a gold mine, when it comes to natural wonders. The Yumthang hot spring in Sikkim is one out of many. Replenish your body’s lost energy in this spring, popular for healing.

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4. Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh

Bursting with spiritual energy, the Manikaran hot spring finds itself at a popular pilgrimage spot for Hindus & Sikhs. A relaxing hour spent here is sure to cleanse your body and your soul.

5. Tapt Kund, Uttarakhand

Tapt Kund spring is where believers expected to purify themselves before heading to the Badrinath Temple. Apart from its therapizing effects, you’ll also get to experience the positivity that surrounds the place at all times.

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