This Instagram Page Brings Out The Beauty Of India Like Never Before

Wes Anderson has his aesthetics on point, if anyone in the world denies that they are acting out of sheer bias because have you seen how beautiful the cinematography of Anderson movies are? The locations, the colour palettes, the minimalism and rawness is spectacular. And there is a page that brings out the delicious Anderson aesthetic so well – Accidentally Wes Anderson goes around the world, one user at a time to bring locations that give us the orange tones of Darjeeling Limited, and the pastel hues of The Grand Budapest Hotel – the crowd sourced page also effortlessly showcases places in the world we take for granted, but with the right eye can be turned into wonderful art.

Especially in India. The country is a haven for beauty, but more often than not we just see what we want to, as opposed to what it could be. So we have rounded up some spectacular shots that exude Andersonesque brilliance merged with the ornate facades of Indian locations, all surprisingly set in minimal elegance.

From Churches in Kerala to a whole lot of Rajasthan to something as basic but as rooted in simplicity as our Indian railways bogie – the page has been home to some of the most beautiful pictures that showcase India in a light we have never seen before. The beauty is untouched, the grandeur unfiltered, and abundant stories told through just subtlety.

Following Accidentally Wes Anderson is like getting a lesson in art, movie, literature without having to go through the pretentious drudgery of it. We mean, just look at it!

1. Patrika Gate, Jaipur

2. City Palace, Jaipur

3. Vizhinjam Old Church, Vizhinjam

4. The Trident, Udaipur

5. Lake Pichola, Udaipur

6. Amer Fort, Jaipur

7. Indian Railways, India

8. Sujan Rajmahal Palace, Jaipur

9. Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

10. Yazdani Bakery, Mumbai

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